What is voice isolation?

What is Voice Isolation?


Voice isolation technology utilises AI to remove all ambient/background noise, prioritising the primary voice for the person listening in any real-time or pre-recorded audio. This can be used to enhance the quality of any conversation taking place in a noisy environment. If the voice isolation software is bi-directional, it will automatically apply the same benefits for all parties in the call.

The advantages of voice isolation are:

  • - Improved retention of information by all parties in the conversation due to being able to clearly hear what’s being said.
  • - Reduced stress by removing disruptive noises, as well as not having to worry about muting noises at your end.
  • - Higher productivity due to less time being wasted by disruptions.
  • - Increased flexibility for users, with there being less concern about choosing times and locations with less background noise for calls.

What is the difference between Voice Isolation and Noise Cancellation?

Noise Cancellation technology tends to be applied to hardware such as headphones, whereas voice isolation is installed as software (such as IRIS Clarity or the iOS 15 update). This means only the owner of the headphones benefit from reduced background noise, rather than all parties, and only in real-time. The benefit of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones is that although you will still hear disruptive noises from the other end of your phone call, you will not hear the noise from your end. By combining ANC headphones with voice isolation, users can ensure the best experience for a call.